About us

The OG Knitato - Project Manager by day, knitter by night 👷🏻‍♀️ 🥔 🧶

Hi, I’m Karen – a self-confessed cat lady, lover of pretty things and DIY projects, and the OG knit potato here at Knitato.

I moved to Perth, Australia from China, in 2009 to study Construction Management. After graduation I relocated to the Aussie capital of culture and coffee, and now work as a project manager in the property industry here in sunny/windy/rainy/sunny again Melbourne (if you know, you know!).

I love making things and getting creative, and in 2020 during Melbourne’s lockdown I was lucky enough to discover the joy of knitting. For me, it’s the perfect mix of mindfulness, creativity, reward for effort, and sustainability. I love everything about it – choosing my yarn colour combinations, relaxing as I create my unique pieces, and wearing my slow fashion knitwear once it’s done.

Knitato is my passion project; born of my desire to share the joy of knitting with as many people as possible. I’m here to bring more variety to the Australian natural yarn market and make knitting more accessible so everyone can experience the fun and reap the rewards of creating their own knitwear. I’m here to design new knits and share them with you, so you’ll always have a new project to work on. I’m here to show you that even if your days are normally spent doing something completely different (hello project management!), if you give knitting a go, you could be surprised at just how far you’ll go!