Care Instructions

The garment is handmade by you and they're made from 100% merino wool, therefore some extra cares should be taken to ensure longevity. 


  • The less you wet the garment the better. You don't really need to wash them unless it is a visible stain or smell;
  • If you have to wash it, please wash by hand, and should not be washed by machine;
  • Use only cold water, soak it in water with a gentle detergent (or baby shampoo), and gently swirl around. Rinse and drain while pressing down on the knit to remove excess water. OPTIONAL: Spread the knitwear on a dry towel, roll the towel with the knitwear and press until no excessive water. 
  • Don't hang your wool out like normal clothes, it will affect the shape of your garment. Lay flat out on a clean, dry surface out of direct sunlight until they are dry. 
  • Do not wiring out wool, it will damage the fibers and affecting its longevity.


  • Do not hang them like normal clothes, fold them and place them on a shelf;
  • Clothing that is made from high quality and natural fibers is great for being more sustainable choice however the downside is that it will attract moth if you are putting away for a long time. Before putting your knitwear away for summer, you can wash them by following the above instructions, dried them and put them in an air-tight container with plenty of bags of dried lavender.


Natural wool has a tendency to pill, this is normal because of the natural result of friction. You just need to carefully cut pills off with a pair of scissors.