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love this sweater

So grateful to have made the first hand knit sweater with Karen’s help. The steps and YouTube clips are easy to follow and I still
could not believe I made a sweater! I will definitely be making more!

Great quality, Superb service!

Very pleased with the quality and colour options


Seriously the softest yarn ever!!!
It's so soft, I fell asleep hugging my work-in-progress sweater halfway through knitting XD

Gorgeous colour

Bought this to knit a cardigan for a Christmas present. Beautiful, vibrant colour and wool feels beautiful and soft.

Loved it

Such a cute beanie box and the yarn is so thick and lovely!

So much fun!

This was such a great project with easy to follow instructions and all the resources a beginner would need. I honestly never thought I’d be able to make something this pretty, and the bonus was that it comes together quite quickly with the chunky wool. Plus Karen was so helpful and encouraging from the outset - the whole end to end process just sparks joy 😊

Snuggly and unique

This is one of my favourite cardigan designs ever. The colour selection creates so much variety, the combination of stitch textures makes an absolutely beautiful garment, and the instructions were very clear and easy to follow (and would definitely be easy to customise if that's what you wanted to do!). It's so snuggly and cozy, I love it so much.

Chunky Cloud - Denim

A fluffy dream

Oh my gosh, this sweater. I wore it for a week straight after finishing it and I absolutely love it. Karen was kind enough to convert the pattern to the round for me so I could make it seamless and it was so easy to adjust the body and sleeves to get the fit I wanted. The yarn is fluffy and dreamy but still feels substantial on the needles, the finished sweater hangs and drapes in a really cozy and stylish way, and it's warm without being too hot or heavy. Absolutely gorgeous, thank you so much.

Omg so fluffy

I love all knitato stuff!
Can’t rate any higher, the customer service is top notch, super despatch speed, these yarn are the softest and fluffiest ever!!
Great to find such good yarn supplier in Australia, not having to wait forever from the big shops overseas.
Can’t wait to see what new yarn and kits knitato has in the pipeline 💜💙💜💙


So happy with my purchase! Wool is soft and arrived quickly.

Chunky Cloud - Nude Pink
Mary Cumberland

This wool is perfection, the customer service is exceptional and I couldn’t be happier with my purchases from Knitato <3


I learnt SO MUCH from this kit!! I’d been playing around with knitting for a few weeks before taking the plunge for a proper garment - the wool is really soft and warm, the needle size makes counting stitches and identifying mistakes really easy. Overall a super forgiving and useful project, I can’t wait to wear it once summer’s over :)


So so pretty and a really nice break from my usual hard plastic ring markers.

Soft and dreamy

Oh my gosh, this yarn. This is my new favourite yarn. It's so incredibly soft and fluffy while still feeling substantial and easy to hold (and not likely to keep catching your needles, at least in my experience) and it makes a gorgeously textured fabric that's light and warm and holds its shape beautifully. I love it.

The colour!!

This yarn is so soft and beautiful and the colour is true to what you can see in the photos! I love this stuff!

Absolutely adore this yarn!!

Just started my next knitting project using this beautiful yarn, and it is soooo soft and easy to work with! Doesn’t pull apart at all and the colour is absolutely divine!! Can’t wait to finish off my vest and wear it about town (when we’re allowed to!🙄😆). Highly recommended A+++++

My best piece ever!

Where do I begin )) first of all, before I even got my knit kit Karen showed herself as the most caring and understanding person, patiently answering my million questions, sending useful tips and links, and just generally providing excellent customer support! The kit has everything you need to complete the jumper, including cute little stitch marker - what a lovely touch! And the jumper itself is just perfection! I loved the garter stitch, the neckline (of which I am particularly proud!), the sleeve length, but most important is that it is knitted in a round which means no seams, apart from those on the shoulders but even those you can make nice and flat and seamless. Now I am going to make this jumper in different colours ))

Unique design with fun, clear instructions!

Absolutely loved making this cardigan as much as I enjoy wearing it! The instruction videos and written steps were well explained and easy to follow. The wool is lovely and Karen is so friendly and helpful! Would definitely recommend Knitato and can’t wait to make my next Knitato piece :)

In lurve with this colour

Very apt name. It’s like a Tiffany blue.

Winner! Great design, detailed instructions and video!

Great customer support from Karen too. This was such a fun knit and the fit (customizable) was fab! Such a sense of accomplishment. Brought me much joy. 10/10 will knit another one (and another…and another…)!

Fried Egg Sweater (KNIT KIT)
Melissa Jade Katon
Love love LOVE it and wear it every day

I ordered the fried egg sweater knit kit to beat the Sydney Lockdown blues, and It really got me through some rough times. Knitting up this beautiful turquoise sweater and cheerful egg design brought me so much joy, and I still wear the jumper every single day. I highly recommend Knitato's knit kits for a plucky beginner that wants to learn how to make a wearable garment and intarsia. I learned so much from this knit kit and I think many others will too! The wool is lovely and high quality, and it's great to support Australian wool and Australian independent businesses. Thank you so much Knitato <3

Love it:)

I loved the process of knitting the jumper! Karen wrapped the package so beautifully and creatively it was hard not to start straight away. Karen was patient and helpful with her instructions.

Everyday turtleneck knit kit

Great quality wool, easy to read instructions and the packaging is super cute

Chunky Cloud - Lime
Adela Amanowicz
Great yarn

Beautiful colour and great quality- no breaks